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Brand New ELMO 2100 9392 Projector Lamp Replacement

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Brand New ELMO 2100 9392 Projector Lamp Replacement
Northstar AV sells OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Lamps - Philips, Osram/Sylvania & SHP brand lamps inside of OEM spec housings. We DO NOT sell generic or compatible replacement lamps.

Shipping Method: Free Shipping by UPS Ground.

Projector Lamp Model: 2100 9392
Condition: New
Compatible Projectors Models: 3M MP7640i
3M MP7650
3M MP7740i
3M MP7750
3M S40
3M S50
3M X40
3M X40i
3M X50
Boxlight CP-322i
Boxlight CP-322ia
Boxlight CP-634i
Dukane ImagePro 8046
Dukane ImagePro 8049B
Dukane ImagePro 8062
Dukane ImagePro 8751
Elmo EDP-2600
Elmo EDP-S100
Elmo EDP-S50
Elmo EDP-X210
Hitachi CP-HS1000
Hitachi CP-HS1050
Hitachi CP-HS1060
Hitachi CP-HS1090
Hitachi CP-HX1050
Hitachi CP-HX1060
Hitachi CP-HX1080
Hitachi CP-HX1090
Hitachi CP-HX1095
Hitachi CP-HX1098
Hitachi CP-S225
Hitachi CP-S225A
Hitachi CP-S225AT
Hitachi CP-S225W
Hitachi CP-S225WAT
Hitachi CP-S225WT
Hitachi CP-S317
Hitachi CP-S3170
Hitachi ED-S3170
Hitachi ED-S317A
Hitachi CP-S317W
Hitachi CP-S318
Hitachi CP-S318W
Hitachi CP-S318WT
Hitachi CP-S327
Hitachi CP-S327W
Hitachi CP-S328
Hitachi CP-S328W
Hitachi CP-X275
Hitachi CP-X275W
Hitachi CP-X275WA
Hitachi CP-X275WT
Hitachi CP-X327
Hitachi CP-X327OA
Hitachi CP-X327W
Hitachi CP-X328
Hitachi CP-X3280
Hitachi CP-X328W
Hitachi CP-X328WT
Hitachi ED-S317B
Hitachi ED-S3170
Hitachi ED-S3170A
Hitachi ED-S3170AT
Hitachi ED-S3170W
Hitachi ED-X3250AT
Hitachi ED-X3270
Hitachi ED-X3270A
Hitachi ED-X3280
Hitachi ED-X3280AT
Liesegang dv245
Liesegang dv255
Liesegang dv345
Liesegang dv425
Liesegang dv455
Liesegang dv2102
Viewsonic PJ500
Viewsonic PJ500-1
Viewsonic PJ500-2
Viewsonic PJ501
Viewsonic PJ520
ViewSonic PJ550
ViewSonic PJ550-1
ViewSonic PJ550-2
ViewSonic PJ551
ViewSonic PJ551-1
Viewsonic PJ560
Viewsonic PJ650
Average Lamp Hours: 2000-3000 Hours
Wattage: 150W
Lamp Type: UHB
Warranty: 90 Day Warranty

How to extend the life of your projector lamp

1. Make sure you use gloves when handling projector lamps. Oils and deposits from your hands that may not be visible can create hot spots that can result in premature lamp failure. Wear clean gloves during installation to avoid this potential complication.

2. When replacing the lamp housing, be sure that the new housing is seated completely. Apply gentle pressure at the base of the unit until the housing is fully secure.

3. Make sure all of the air filters of your projector are clean out or changed regularly, as indicated in the projector's User Manual. An obstruction such as a clogged filter will not allow proper venting of the unit. This can cause the unit to overheat. Overheating is a major cause of premature lamp failure.

4. Do not place anything on top of the projector or in front of the intake or exhaust vents. Doing so will cause the projector to overheat.

5. Do not unplug the projector until the lamp has properly cooled. After the projector has been shutoff, the fan remains on to allow the lamp to cool evenly and completely. Proper cooling also decreases the chance of premature lamp failure.

6. Do not move the projector for at least one hour after the projector has been shut down. If the lamp is still warm, vibration can cause the lamp to stress, crack or explode.

7. Do not turn the projector on and off frequently during presentations. When the projector is switched on, the surge of power causes stress on the lamp. Try to minimize on/off cycles.

8. Many digital projection displays offer "Low Lamp," "Eco-Mode" or "Economy Mode" options. These settings help extend the life of your lamp and save you time and money.

9. Most importantly, MAKE SURE YOU SHUT THEM OFF! Leaving a projector on overnight is a sure way to burn up your lamp.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us any time. A friendly Northstar AV sales member will be happy to help you. You can email us at or visit the contact us page on our website.

Original (OEM) Lamps vs Compatible Lamps

1.What is the difference between Original (OEM) & OEM compatible lamps? OEM stands for (Original Equipment Manufacturer). These lamps are the original lamps your projector or television came with. They are specifically designed to work in your unit. However, OEM compatible lamps are copies of these lamps. They are built by other companies to the specifications of the original manufacturer. The compatible lamps can sometimes have less then optimal performance.

2.Who makes projector lamps? Out of all the projector and RPTV manufacturers out there, there are only a few major lamp manufacturers with high enough standards that are used. These companies are Philips, Osram, Phoenix (SHP) and Ushio.

3.Why should I buy an Original lamp? There are many reasons you should purchase an original lamp over a compatible. The 2 most important factors are performance and life-time of the bulb. Many knock off or compatible bulbs aren’t built with the highest quality materials and precision. In some cases the bulbs color can be off or the brightness is severely impaired. Secondly, with an original bulb you can be sure you are getting the full lifespan out of your replacement lamp. With a compatible bulb it is more of a gamble. Also Original (OEM) lamps come with full 90 day warranties.

4.Why we recommend Osram or Philips bulbs? The answer is simple; they are the performance leader in the industry. Their lamps out last and outperform all others. They also come will full replacement warranties.

5.What is a generic lamp and why don’t you sell them? Generic lamps are cheap knock off lamps built with substandard components and precision. This results in a significantly shorter life cycle and subpar performance. Although these lamps are considerably cheaper then original or compatible lamps the pros do not outweigh the cons. We simply will not sell them.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us any time. A friendly Northstar AV sales member will be happy to help you. You can email us at or visit the contact us page on our website.

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